Wednesday, February 27, 2013

evolving design

the beginning of the design phase
It is so funny how stepping back and viewing one's work from a different perspective is so effective.  I noticed that I seem to have an affinity for the lower left corner!  Which became such a static dead zone that I just had to start loosening up!  And too also think.  I tend to just go with what feels right and sometimes that leads to nowhere or in my case, the lower left corner.
the middle of the design phase

Out to the studio to see where the process leads me today!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

new ceramic projects


I'm back in the studio full time and wondering what it is that keeps me from being in my studio?   Why is it that I work harder against a deadline?  A frenetic pace isn't how I see myself working.  Doesn't slow and steady seem more enjoyable and efficient?  Something to ponder and write about at a later date.

underglaze inlay
Right now I am up against two deadlines.  Both projects are based on ceramic pieces for the wall.  The first is a wall tile project for a group show in Hokkaido, Japan sponsored by the Oregon Potters Association and the second show is my solo exhibit at Art on Broadway in October.

underglaze stenciled
My sketch book is filling up with ideas and I've started to translate some of these ideas onto the clay.  The first set of tiles for the Hokkaido exhibit are smaller, which is perfect, since these are essentially my test tiles.  I hate making actual small scale test tiles, I come from the thinking of practice as you would play, so I make actual pieces.  If they work, great and if not I can see exactly where I've got to rethink the design or the construction or both.  When I am working in my studio on a body of work, this is what I do.  For testing glazes, I make tea bowls and cups, for Naked Raku I make small bottles and for these two exhibits, actual tiles.  Seeing them posted to this blog,  can already see where I am going to go next.  I find that I learn so much more when I photograph my work, take a step back and view it outside of my studio.  As I'm typing, I doodling and thinking about how and where glaze will be applied, what areas will be left exposed and how these can also be translated into a Naked Raku finish.
side by side comparison

I'll continue to document my process as more work is created.  Here are two of the ideas that I've been working on.  Both tiles are made with Georgie's Crystal Springs Porcelain and both designs are created with Amaco Jet Black Velvet Underglaze.  The tiles are approximately 12" square and are 3/8" thick.  Each have 3/8" coil lugs on the backside for hanging.

The creative juices are flowing, so no more writing or doodling, I'm heading back into the studio.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

recent firing

I've gone back to my roots, firing reduction.  I've got a small updraft and with each firing I am learning. There is something to be said for creating work to be used and for me there is nothing like a beautiful celadon or the blush of a shino.

Two tea bowls from the last firing.  I just love the carbon trap that happened on this first tea bowl where the Leach Celadon overlapped the Malcolm Shino glaze.

Tea Bowl - Georgie's Crystal Spring Porcelain
Leach Celadon/Malcolm Shino glazes

Malcolm Shino glaze

Tea Bowl - Georgie's Crystal Springs Porcelain
Yellow Salt/Malcolm Shino glazes
Black Velvet Undeglaze

Malcolm Shino blush

Saturday, November 24, 2012


details. often overlooked but always in the back of the mind.
a random assemblage of details that stick in my mind.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

my morning coffee

Risotto cakes w/poached eggs,
butternut squash & red potatoes
The regular week day walk at 6am was traded in for a later start and a stop for breakfast at one of my favorite neighborhood spots - La Provence.  Great company, coffee and a soul-warming meal.  One of the best ways to start the weekend.  Now, if only they would serve their meals on handmade pottery, must work on that!

Friday, August 31, 2012

my morning coffee

This morning I was joined by my husband for my morning cup of coffee and we indulged in both the cantaloupe & vanilla jam as well as the blackberry & basil jam.  Summer fruits make the most delectable jams and preserves and I am so thankful for all of the local farm stands and Farmer's Markets in and around Portland.  My favorite Farmer's Market is tomorrow morning, the Portland Famers Market at PSU - you'll find me there with my basket overflowing with local fruits and vegetables.  I've got a fabulous peach jam recipe that I've been waiting to make, so peaches are on the shopping list.

Ceramic Work - Plate by fellow OPA Member and Oregon Artist, Glenn Burris.  I love Glenn's work and have many of his pieces. It seems that I have gotten into the habit of picking up two new plates each year when he comes to town for Ceramic Showcase. And one of my favorite mugs that was gifted to me on a recent trip to his pottery studio on Orcas Island, potter, Jerry Weatherman.  If by chance you find yourself on Orcas Island, make sure that you make the short trip to Olga, where you will find Jerry.  And as an added treat today, Glass artist and my friend, Donna LaPlante made the fabulously retro glass coaster that my mug is resting on.  As you all can probably tell, I love that my home is filled with amazing work by such talented artists, many of whom I am very honored to call my friends.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

my morning coffee

Homemade cantaloupe & vanilla bean jam.  When i found this recipe, by noted canning evangelist, Marissa McClellan,  i just couldn't imagine what this jam would taste like, so of course i had to make it!  Our local farm stand had beautiful in season melons and my Mom had sent me Cobra Vanilla Beans.  This jam is so intense in flavor and the vanilla adds a depth that is warm and luscious.  This jam would easily work as a topping for ice cream or cheesecake.
Last night my husband, Willy, set-up his photography equipment and i couldn't refuse to take this mornings photo utilizing the backdrop and lighting.  I have a new body of Naked Raku work that is making it's way to Galleries and I have been terrible at making sure that I have great photos of my work before they leave the studio.
I'll post the new work on my website shortly.
Ceramic Work -
my plate and a Brenda Scott mug.  Brenda is a 
dear friend and it is always so nice to drink my
morning cup of coffee from one of her
beautiful mugs.